Classic Take-down Recurve

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Bow profiles and force/draw curve:

>Click each photo below to see it larger.<

Classic Take-down Recurve Classic Take-down Recurve bracedClassic Take-down Recurve full drawA force/draw curve of a Classic Take-down Recurve

Brent scores with his Classic Take-down Recurve

Click here to read about Brent’s recurve.

Brent's buck

Click here to read about Brent’s buck.

Jim Thorne

Bowyer and author at Build Your Own Bow!
Jim Thorne has been making bows since the late 1980s. He teaches bowyers how to build bows that are easier to make, faster, quieter, more balanced, more stable, and more fun to shoot. With his creative, yet down-to-earth writing style, he has helped many bowyers learn how to “build your own bow.”

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